A Pledge of Excellence
At Guardian Money Managers we are committed, primarily, to assisting in the well being of our clients by professionally managing their bill paying and record keeping in the increasingly complex financial world.  It is our pledge to maintain the highest level of integrity, confidentiality and competence allowing our clients and their caregivers and family members total peace of mind.

gmm-jk-picJerry Kelly comes to Guardian Money Managers with 35 years of experience in the helping profession. It is this dedication to helping others that has taught him the values needed when handling clients’ hard earned assets.

He has worked with many diverse populations in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, from disadvantaged youth during his years as a Group Home parent, to adults in the Autistic community, to working extensively with Seniors and the advanced age Geriatric population. A main focus of his work with Seniors revolved around programs designed to help clients remain in their homes rather than entering Nursing Homes. In many instances, careful money management and budgeting of resources played a critical role in these important decisions.

During these years, to help supplement a Social Worker’s income he also worked as a financially bonded ticketing management consultant. For 30 years he handled hundreds of millions of dollars of other people’s money honestly and efficiently. In his work with numerous organizations, including the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the City of Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies, he has held titles of President, Secretary/ Treasurer and Business Manager for the ticketing professionals with whom he worked.

He holds an M.Ed in Counseling Psychology from Temple University and has operated a private counseling/ coaching practice for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. The main areas of coaching were living independently and money awareness.

He is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) and is fully bonded and insured.

gmm-ag-picAnn Gawronski has chosen to return to the full time workforce with Guardian Money Managers after years raising her two wonderful daughters as a stay at home Mom. During these important years she worked part-time to help her family meet today’s challenging fiscal responsibilities. Ann worked as a manager in the ticketing industry, as a fundraiser for a non-profit group and in sales. All of these endeavors required Ann to be competent and financially bonded in areas involving large amounts of other people’s money.

She spent a great deal of time volunteering at her daughters’ schools, teaching religious education, various volunteer positions and fundraising for a local non-profit. She is incredibly organized, efficient and caring. All necessary character traits when working with a challenged group of clients.

Ann holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University in English, with an Education Minor. She is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) and is fully bonded and insured.




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